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About our site.
by Admin User - Wednesday, 8 April 2020, 3:54 AM

Insightful Meanings came about as result of my trips (Geraldine) to Sub Saharan Africa to support Mildmay with their efforts to provide a diploma course for care workers in the field of HIV. My interest and love for Africa lead me to set up Insightful Meanings to see how I could contribute, with my African colleagues, to make an impact on health care improvement, system strengthening, and capacity building. The projects that we have written proposals for do far are:

Improving hygiene in Prisons in partnership with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical  University college http://kcmuco.ac.tz

We have undertaking considerable work with Mildmay Uganda who are now flourishing and expanding continually, these  include support for action leaning and online learning. And considerable amount of mentoring has been undertaken. The work with Mildmay continues as we currently have had an influx of students and courses to add to our virtual learning environment 


We have written projects with the Omega foundation in Kenya Lea Mwana (Swahili word meaning Care for a Child). Funding initiative: Children Survive and Thrive: Rise and Shine 


These demonstrate our involvement with Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania and we have shown one example in each case. There are many many more.

The area that we are currently working on is based in Kenya and we have developed a confederation with Others to Form the LULU organisation in which we are currently writing a proposal for Wrapping dignity around women fish traders in Homer Bay. LULU. means precious. 

Ingia Limited, P.O. Box 22200-00505, Ngong, Nairobi Community Capacity Building Initiative P.O. Box 1244-00606, Nairobi and Insightful Meanings, of P.O Box 856-00517, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi establised a relationship of co-operation and mutual assistance in facilitating community development in Kenya and other countries in Sub Saharan Africa. This will be known as the Lulu Consortium

In our work we have formed strong bond with colleagues in Africa and thus we have 2 Directors in Kenya and we are registered there as a company which is a Social Enterprise and we are currently working to develop much stronger links with other small organisations, and other colleagues, to bring about improvement in health and social care and in education. Our strong bonds with Uganda and Mildmay enable then to use our online facilities for free. As the Coronavirus restrictions are evolving more use is now being made of the online facilities. 

We have a considerable number of students registered at the moment and they are behind the password protected system on this site. We are happy to chat to you about courses and ideas and in addition we welcome funding opportunities and donations. We can do do much more.

I wish you all good health and stay safe. 

Best wishes 

Geraldine & Andrew