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Insightful Meanings is a Not for Profit organisation working in sub Saharan Africa and the UK. Our team of Education and Programme Development Advisors is drawn from East Africa and the UK. Between us we have extensive experience in health and social care education programme development, delivery and management that we bring to Insightful Meanings. This gives us a broad knowledge and experience base that we are able to offer our clients. Our approach is to work in partnership with Ministries of Health, Education and Training institutions both public and private, and health professional regulatory bodies. In our previous work in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda we have made significant contribution to Health Systems Strengthening which has led to substantial capacity building within local institutions. Our enthusiastic team is very keen to share their expertise by working in partnership with organisations and individuals to expand the work and to strengthen the infrastructure around quality, learning and teaching through face to face and online learning.

The main focus of our interest is in Health Care Systems Strengthening and Capacity Building. To enable this we develop programmes to support those responsible for leadership and management, education and mentoring. Working in partnership with others we develop quality educational systems, curricula development, change management and offer consultancy on an individual basis as required. 

Insightful Meanings is not only the name of our business it also reflects what we believe should be the purpose of our education and training programmes. We aim to provide and deliver programmes in a way that stimulates participants to have insight into what they are learning and to give that learning meaning as they interpret it into their daily work. Education programmes delivered in this way that develops critical thinking enabling individuals to contribute positively to Health Systems Strengthening.

To find out more please browse through our website or contact us at ISM-enquiries@insightful-meanings.org 

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