The Team

            Geraldine Main

Geraldine is the Executive Director and founder of Insightful Meanings and also leads the Education Team.

As a nurse she has always been very keen on improving health and social care practice which is evidence based. she is also keen on passing that ethos to others. This belief encouraged her to move to Education from where she could have a wider effect on health and social care practice. Included in this passion is a desire to promotion quality and leadership.

She is an experienced adult educationalist with high-level skills in face-to-face teaching, facilitation of online learning and one to one learner support 

She has an excellent record in a wide range of education activities such as facilitating Action Learning and Enquiry Based Learning, managing learning for large and small groups and in developing student support systems to encourage learning. 

Her considerable experience in strategic education management and curriculum development was developed in her role as Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching at the University of Manchester. Her strong interest in quality quality practice education enabled her to establish educational quality systems, lead major quality and curriculum reviews in higher education in many countries but in particular in Affiliated Practice areas and in her advise to affiliated institutions both in the UK and in Sub Saharan Africa.

Geraldine holds a Teachers Certificate from the Victoria University of Manchester a Bachelor degree from the Open University which is social science based and a Master’s Degree in Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the North West Action Learning network group as well as the 'Get Mentoring' group. 

Geraldine gets great satisfaction from enabling others to develop and improve practice educational and approaches to learning. Her friendliness and facilitative approach to learning, together with a passion for developing skills of critical thinking and analysis in others is appreciated and commented upon by her students . 

Geraldine’s special interests include:

Action learning, Leadership and Mentorship development, Virtual Learning development, critical thinking and analysis skills development. Quality Assurance is a key skill, and Curriculum Development


  Untitled.jpg              Andrew Main

Andrew is the Business Development Director for Insightful Meanings, he is also responsible for the UK office.

He is an experienced educationalist who has managed institutional change in the UK and developed adult teaching and learning approaches in East Africa. He is skilled in both face to face teaching, online facilitation and mentorship, this, combined with his interest in adult learning and education management,  has enabled him to lead a number of successful changes in the delivery of health care programmes in East Africa.

Andrew’s career in teaching spans a number of years in the NHS culminating in him leading a project to amalgamate four existing independent Schools of Nursing to form the South West Manchester College of Nursing. He subsequently became its first Principle. The learning experience from this project, which involved significant organisational and cultural changes, has been of great benefit to subsequent projects.

In recent years Andrew has worked as an education advisor in both the UK and East Africa. His clients have included the University of Manchester, the University of Salford, John Moore’s University, Liverpool, the University of Central Lancashire and Mildmay International.

Andrew holds a Teachers Certificate with a commendation in Teaching Practice from the Victoria University of Manchester and a Master’s Degree in Management from the Metropolitan University of Manchester. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management.

Andrew’s friendly disposition enables him to engage with students’, employers and managers alike. He enjoys working in groups or a one to one basis and he takes great pleasure in seeing others achieve their goals through his facilitation.

Andrews’s special interests include 

Action learning for students and managers, Mentoring , Leadership skills, Clinical supervision and Virtual Learning

               Juliana Misore 

Juliana is a Director and Health and Social Care Education Advisor based at our Kenya office. 

As an experienced educator in both the government and NGO sectors Juliana has held posts as Programme Manager at the Kenya Medical Training College, Regional Education Technical Advisor with Mildmay Kenya and currently Director of Nursing Education at Uzima University College in Kisumu. 

Juliana holds a Masters Degree in Community Health and Development, a Higher Diploma in Medical Education and a Diploma in ‘A Health Systems Approach to HIV/AIDS care and Management’ awarded by the University of Manchester. 

As Regional technical advisor with Mildmay Kenya Juliana led the role out a Diploma in ‘A Health Systems Approach to HIV/AIDS care and Management’ to eight of the Kenya Medical Training Regional Colleges. 

Her friendly disposition and respected expertise enables Juliana to work comfortably with students and colleagues and with senior government officials and health care clients in the community alike.  

With her wide experience in curriculum development and education management Juliana has developed programmes at pre and post service levels for a wide cross section of health care professionals. At the community level she has developed and implemented Action Learning programmes with prison officers and prisoners in Kenya and Tanzania. These programmes help the participants to manage and care  for those affected by HIV & AIDs in the prison communities. Juliana has also developed similar programmes with advocacy committees of health workers living with HIV&AIDS and with community organisations and carers of children affected by HIV & AIDS 

As a teaching Fellow with the University of Manchester Juliana supervises and mentors online students within the East Africa Region who are studying for a BSc (Hons) degree in A Health Systems Approach to Social Care and Management. 

Juliana’s special interests include developing teaching and learning innovations, such as virtual learning, action learning, enquiry based learning and mentoring, that facilitate the improvement of health and social care systems.

     Mabel Wendo

Mabel, is Director of Professional Services, she is also responsible for Insightful Meanings Kenya office.

Mabel is a Nurse Educator specializing in Community Health and Development, a subject in which she holds Masters Degree. Her varied experiences range from initiating community based health programmmes in partnership with local communities to leading the development of the National Palliative Care Policy Training Curriculum and Manual for health professionals in Rwanda.

Her work as Project Manager for the Global Fund Malaria project with ADRA in South Sudan, gave Mabel the opportunity to support the Government to develop policy, guidelines and strategies for Malaria management. She also developed training materials and trained health workers on malaria treatment protocols and guidelines for low literacy audiences.

As a key team member working with NASCOP Kenya, Mabel contributed to the development of the National Home and Community Based Care Implementation Framework (HCBC), currently used across Kenya and also led the review of Kenya’s HCBC Service & Programmme Guidelines and Policy Guidelines.

Mabel’s experience in programme management is extensive. Whilst Regional Technical Advisor for Mildmay International’s Africa Region HIV & AIDS and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) programmes in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zimbabwe, she provided technical direction input and development in line with country specific strategic plans for HIV & AIDS and OVC programming. She also provided direct managerial leadership to Mildmay’s Rwanda and Zimbabwe programme team leaders.

Through her work at Mildmay and at the Kenya Medical Training College, Mabel gained considerable experience in curriculum design and delivery. Her teaching and mentorship skills enabled her to develop the capacity of health care and community based workers in HIV & AIDS prevention, treatment and support.

Mabel is a University of Manchester Teaching Fellow and the current Examination Board Chair on Mildmay’s Degree Programme, BSc (Hons) A Health Systems Approach to Health and Social Care and Management, validated by the University of Manchester.

Mabel works well and establishes good relationships with those at National and Provincial Government levels, Partner Agencies and organisations, students, and clients in the community.        

Diana Wendo 

Diana is Insightful Meanings Project Co-ordinator.

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