What we offer

     A mix of clients and staff

As a team of experienced educationalists in Health and Social Care, Insightful Meanings has developed educational programmes both in the UK and in East Africa. Our skills include both face to face teaching, on-line facilitation of learning using adult learning approaches to learning. 

Insightful-Meanings has developed an on line school using a virtual classroom and a learning management system. Our passion is to develop higher level thinking skills in organisations and our course participants thereby increasing the potential for new insights and new meanings enabling the development of health and social care practice.

Insightful Meanings is founded on principles of social enterprise routed in our commitment to serve underprivileged societies through a partnership model that promotes quality education and education services in health and social change.

Our values are:

  • A belief in the dignity and human rights of the individual
  • A belief that the facilitation of learning should lead to insight, meaning and excellent practice and life long learning skills
  • A drive to build capacity for sustainability
  • An openness to people and ideas and collective decision making
  • The value of working collaboratively with others to achieve their goals
  • Leadership through competence and collaboration
  • Behaviour based on our values and a pride in what we do
  • and A dedication to give our clients an excellent service


Using a work based learning approach our programmes support the development of mentors and leaders and promote team working and effective management of change.


Our approach to learning enables educators to use adult learning approaches in their teaching and facilitation through an understanding of the principles of learning and teaching. Our methods also enable them to support students to develop higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking and reflection as well as understanding of how to develop evidence based sound evidence in order to effectively influence change and promote quality and evidence  in their field of practice. 

Quality strategies and education systems development

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are keen to share our knowledge, experience and skills with others. We recognise the need for quality systems within education institutions and individual courses. It is essential to have a consistence approach to course design and curriculum development, recruitment selection and admission process and procedures and learning and teaching methods. It is important also to have equitable participant development and achievement processes, participant engagement policies, quality assessment methods which are consistent with equity and parity for all students. Other important aspects are course monitoring and review, examination systems and processes, and consistent academic standards including evaluation. 

We can support organisations to develop in all of these areas. 

Current courses on our site include:

  • Palliative Care
  • Health Care system Strengthening
  • Caring for older people
  • Infection Control
  • Study Skills
  • Mentorship and supervision in practice
  • Leadership and management in practice 
  • Lecturer development in teaching and learning practice
  • Introduction to online learning 
  • Use of evidence based practice as well as many health and social care programmes. 

And many more courses. We have large amounts of students registered on our site who are receiving current evidence based practice.

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