Projects we have completed and are involved in.

      Mildmay Hospital UK

Phase one of a project encompassing Training Needs Analysis(TNA) of UK provision and needs in HIV management and care has been completed and a staff development programme schedule has been identified. Phase Two of this project is to develop programmes based on the TNA. Insightful Meanings is a member of the Mildmay Strategic Alliance with Mildmay entities in East Africa. We have undertaken a considerable amount of Staff development in the hospital in London.

  Mildmay Centre Uganda

Insightful Meanings has a Memorandum of Understanding with Mildmay Uganda to develop and provide health and social care practice educational services particularly in the area of blended and virtual learning in the Diploma programmes. We are also in discussion with the centre to develop a care of the older person education and service programme for delivery within a home based care model. In addition

   Mildmay Kenya - Improving Health 

A Memorandum of Understanding is in place for Insightful Meanings to collaborate in the development of education services and programmes.  

   African Palliative Care Association

Insightful Meanings has Project Partnership with the African Palliative Care Association formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding to develop specific education programmes in palliative care.

  Uzima University College - Kenya

Insightful Meanings is working with Uzima University College to develop various on line and blended learning courses including mentorship and supervision, leadership and management and education theory practice courses for lecturers.


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